As the 2016 Presidential Election approaches, we at Little Muenster are committed to adding a bit of levity to the whole ordeal.  So beginning on March 9th, we will debut sandwiches for each of the current candidates at our Hudson Eats location (sorry, Kasich).  As candidates drop out of the race, those sandwiches will quietly disappear from memory--just like Buddy Roemer.  We will keep a tally of which sandwiches are most & least popular and update the graph below nightly.  Who knows, maybe our propriety "Sandwich Algorithm"  will become the next Nate Silver.  

Regardless, have a laugh & eat some cheese. It'll all be over soon.

Now let's meet our candidates!!! (infer at your own risk)

(Please note we have no affiliation to any political party and this is all for fun)  

**Sandwiches are while supplies last.  *Limit of 6 ingredients for Hillary's sandwich, add-ons apply thereafter.**