Benefits Of Green Tea

The Key Benefits Of Green Tea You Should Know

Green tea is made of the Camellia Sinensis leaves that will help you experience a process of withering and oxidation. There are various kinds of green tea available, and they are based upon the time of their harvest, weather conditions and the process of production. It has been a beneficial product to improve health conditions, and it has proved to show the best results as well.

You will find many people drinking green tea, and they have gotten into the habit of tea drinking over in alternative intervals of time throughout the day. In this article, we will discuss everything about green tea and its various benefits.

Why should you drink green tea?

Bioactive compounds are present in the green tea that can improve all aspects of your health [1]. Green tea mainly contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which is one of the most potent elements present in the it. This particular element treats several diseases and helps prevent more.

green tea

Green tea is one of the most effective drinks that can help you stay active and have a clear head as well. However, there are only a few side effects, the benefits and the advantages of the tea compensate these side effects.

The benefits of green tea Which You Should Know

1. Prevents Cancer

Green tea contains Polyphenols and EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) protects cells from DNA damages by the reactive oxygen species and fights the free radicals [2]. The polyphenols in the green tea can also help boost the immune system and help your organs to function better and help you stay active as well.

green tea prevents cancer

When it comes to Cancer, green tea is simply the best medicine that can prevent cancers including – Brest, lungs colon, skin, liver and pancreas. The constituents that are present in the tea can speed up recovery and prevent the regeneration of the cancer cells. Therefore, Cancer patients post their chemo are suggested to consume green tea.

2. Good for your heart health

You heart requires to circulate blood throughout the body, and it has to be running healthy[3]. Green tea increases the amount of antioxidant in plasma, which protects the heart from oxygen species and prevents heart attacks.

green tea prevents diabetes

You can prevent atherosclerosis, which is the cause for cardiovascular diseases, and prevent harmful cholesterol levels that can affect the heart. Green tea keeps you protected from heart attacks and lowers the risk of cardiovascular ailment. Patients who suffer from heart diseases are highly recommended.

3. Controls and regulates blood pressure

Consuming green tea is very much associated with blood pressure levels because it improves the flow of blood. Drinking three to four cups of tea every day can elevate blood pressure. Participants have seen the reduction of coronary heart diseases risk and risk of stroke [4].

Green tea is a natural ACE inhibitor that prevents the action of Angiotensin-converting enzyme. This is one of the simplest ways that you can control your blood pressure, and for people who have acute BP, they are recommended to drink green tea each day.

4. Prevents Diabetes

Green tea can sensitize cells so they can metabolize the sugar and improve the symptoms of Diabetes. Polyphenols that are present in the green tea can regulate glucose in the body and cut down the risk of Diabetes as well.

If you are looking forward to keeping your sugar levels in check and control diabetes, then there is simply no better option than green tea [5].

Korean studies tell us that green tea can reduce type 2 diabetes, as well. Patients with diabetes must drink green tea more frequently compared to others on a daily basis.

5. Helps cut down your weight

The antioxidant helps with the metabolism helping you lose weight as the tea can mobilize the fats from the cells. The active components of the green tea help you boost you are the fat burning hormones such as BHB and HCA.

Green tea is highly recommended for you if you want to shed some weight and fight obesity. Along with the process of fat burning, green tea also boosts your metabolic rate [6]. IT is the first thing to be recommended for by the doctors, along with the supplements to reduce weight.

People with weight issues suffer more from diseases, and the only solution is to burn fat. Therefore, green tea is a natural option to help reduce weight, improve your metabolism and keep you active for the exercising session.

6. Relieves you from arthritis

The EGCG antioxidant plays a vital role in protecting you from arthritis pain, in other words, it reduces the production of molecules that cause inflammation and arthritis.

The elements in green tea are more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E, which are beneficial antioxidants for arthritis pain. The EGCG element also reduces certain inflammatory conditions in rheumatoid arthritis with no inference with the cellular functions.

As we know that, most arthritis medications have side effects, but green tea is completely natural and is always recommended generally to arthritis patients.

7. Increases life expectancy

Because of its impact on our health, the chances of life expectancy have gone up for people who drink green tea. There are possibilities that if the organs are working correctly because of constant green tea drinking, that might lead the person to live longer and sustain longevity.

There have been researches all across the world to find whether one can live longer just by consuming green tea. According to a study at Stanford, green tea drinkers have shown fewer disabilities with their age.

Green tea drinkers live longer than others do because it merely improves your immune system so that your organs function properly, and your order can work better.

8. Boosts your immune system

You will know this for sure if you are a green tea drinker, green tea helps boost your metabolic rate and your immune system. You will start feeling active after you begin drinking Green tea because the antioxidants present in it will keep you more productive and fresh as well.

The Catechins present in the green tea helps you boost your energy and give you an enhancing immunity power. Green tea is recommended for all ages. Even kids and older adults can drink tea.

This helps you before you exercise and keeps you going for a more extended period. The elements in green tea can help boost your immune system significantly.

9. Brain health Improvement

Green tea enhances and increases brainpower. It contains caffeine but not as much as coffee, and it provides you with the positive effects of coffee.

The activity of adenosine the inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain is blocked by caffeine.The firing of neurons is improved as the brain health is enhanced majorly.

Drinking green tea is highly recommended for patients with brain diseases, and it prevents your brain from ailments like Parkinson’s diseases and Alzheimer’s [7]. With green tea, a person can be safe from early age dementia as well and increase your memory.

10. Improves your digestive health

The antioxidants in the green tea can increase the ability of the digestive system to function well [8]. In case if you are facing problems with digestion, green tea can be an excellent option for you to choose because it directly helps with the digestive enzymes, and this can enhance weight loss as well.

The colitis symptoms can be improved with the help of EGCG content in the Green tea. Colitis is a disorder in the gastrointestinal tract. There are vital vitamins such as – Vitamins B, C and E, which are offered by Green tea for digestion.

11. Prevents depression

They ask you to drink green tea when you are depressed because it contains Amino acid L-theanine that stimulates the flow of serotonin and dopamine inside the brain. The surge of serotonin and dopamine can prevent depression and keep you in a good mood.

Besides, caffeine can also play an essential role in treating depression and directly contributes to relieving stress and anxiety [9]. This is one of the best things out there being a natural cure to treat depression and anxiety.

This mainly happens because of the cortisol hormone that lowers down your mood. Green tea has worked the best for patients with chronic depression and anxiety.

Therefore, if you are looking for something that can support your medication and contribute to the cure, it is Green tea.

12. Treats Down syndrome

The EGCG in green tea can potentially improve the quality of life of the people who have Down syndrome. The elements in Green tea protect the body from specific syndromes that can occur from cell damage.

Down syndrome occurs in individuals that have three chromosomes in their DNA.Green tea has helped in limiting the third chromosome because it is responsible for severe symptoms that can lead to the disease.

People with Down syndrome can drink green tea to make sure that they start becoming better with their ways of doing things.

13. Green Tea Cures hangovers

The high functioning antioxidants present in the green tea can give you instant cure from headaches. This helps you detoxify- the entire system and help you get rid of hangovers. If you have had a rough night, you will require some green tea in the morning once you wake up.

Illnesses can be a headache in the morning because you seriously want to get rid of it and be a better version of yourself. Keep green tea in your house and drink it, especially after a hangover. Besides, there is no harm in drinking green tea very frequently.

Why should you recommend green tea?

Studies have shown several benefits that it has, and anyone can drink it. Some people drink Green tea daily to maintain their health while they are exercising, working and doing other things.

One of the key benefits of the tea is that it keeps you active throughout the day. The catechins present in the green tea kills bacteria, lower the risk of viruses improving your dental health, and prevent the risk of caries as well.

Streptococcus mutans are very harmful bacteria that cause the formation of plaque and tooth decay as well. By drinking green tea, you can fight the bacteria and protect your tooth from decaying away.

If you are looking forward to a complete and all-round solution to stay fit and healthy, they must start drinking the tea. Green tea is available on both online and physical markets from where you can purchase according to the quantity required.

How much green tea should you drink?

For some it is one cup a day and it is not abundant to deliver results, and for others, it can be two to five cups a day. One can choose to take the green tea supplement for best results as well.

The caffeine content is beneficial because it is induced in your body in limits, unlike the caffeine from coffee. Green tea consists of tannins that can reduce folic acid and iron in your body. However, green tea might not be ideal for you if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

You can mix green tea with healthy ingredients such as ginger if you want to try a different taste and aroma. There are different kinds of green tea that you can try, and therefore you go for a different one each time.

Make the best of your healthy lifestyle by adding green tea to your diet and make sure that you drink it at least twice in a day to receive the best results. The reasons mentioned above, and benefits will give you a clear idea about the kind of health benefits that it has.

Experience the best effects in your body after drinking the Green and make sure to continue drinking. The tea has a lot to offer to general tea drinkers, and people with obesity and doctors are highly recommending it to their patients.

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