Benefits Of Mango

The King Of Fruits Mango And Its Top Benefits Of Mangoes

Benefits Of Mangoes: Mango is rightly crowned with the king of fruits. The sweetness and the lip-smacking taste of mango have been winning our hearts since someone has first tasted it. The days of our childhood when we used to compete with our cousin and siblings and finish all the mangoes stocked. We can’t forget those days. Can we?

The amazing taste of mango surely makes your mind blown. However, there are a lot of benefits of Mango. The king of fruits can help you with your skin, hair and healthcare. Well, that is the main point of this post.

About Mangoes – a brief description of the king

Mangoes belong from the Mangifera genus. Their scientific name is Mangifera indica. Mangoes are basically native to South Asia. It’s the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines. The mango tree is the national tree of Bangladesh.

Benefits Of Mangos

Mango has a lot of varieties, but none of them comes at per with the Alphonso. These are the superior of them all. Alphonso mangoes are mainly cultivated in western parts of the Indian subcontinent. It is mainly cultivated in the Raigad, Ratnagiri and Konkan region of India.

Ripe mangoes vary in size and color. They can be Yellow, Red or green. Mango is an evergreen tree. Its leaves are 15 to 35cm long. The young leaves of the mango tree are orangish pink. However, they turn into glossy red and darker green eventually. Mango fruit has only one seed, and that is its a memento. Mangoes cannot survive extreme conditions.

Does Mangoes Do Any Good For Our Health?

We were being told by our mother and grandparents that mangoes are great for our health. The delicious taste of mangoes was a reason to eat all of the stocked mangoes in the kitchen. However, that’s not all [1]. We know how the great a source of energy Mangoes are .

We will dig deep into the matter later. Before that, we will take some studies related to mango into consideration.

An Australian study stated that Mangoes are healthy as they contain certain types of bioactive compounds. A recent study has stated that mangoes also contain beta carotene. And we know how much beta carotene is helpful to protect us from different diseases. Mango contains more than twenty different kinds of minerals and vitamins. Mango is a very nutrition-dense fruit. Do you still have doubts about the health benefits of a mango? You won’t when you finish the article. Hang on with us.

Mango Has Hidden A Bunch Of Nutritional Facts In It.

A mango contains almost 107 calories in it. But it also contains and lots of nutrients in it too. Here is a list of the nutrients present in a mango.

There Are Different Types Of Vitamins

Benefits of Mangoes

Vitamin A is one of the most prominent nutrients that are present in a mango. Almost 1262 IU vitamin A is present in a mango. Then there are vitamins like vitamin c (45.6mg), vitamin e (1.8mg), vitamin k (6.9mcg), thiamin (0.1mg), riboflavin (0.1g), niacin (1.0mg), vitamin b6 (0.2g), folate (23.1mcg), pentatonic acid ( 0.3mg), choline (12.5mg).

The Different Minerals Present In Mango

A mango like we said is a bunch of minerals. A single mango has nutritions like potassium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc and more.

Others:- Plus there is a great amount of fibre, protein and carbohydrate also mixed in a mango.

Here, we were talking about the nutrients, vitamins, minerals are present in a mango. Now, being more specific, here is the list of the top benefits of Mangoes.

Used for prevention of cancer

Mango pulp contains carotenoids, ascorbic acid, terpenoids etc. All of them enhance the cancer-preventing properties of this fruit. Mangoes contain some antioxidants that are not present in a lot of other fruits. A study in 2010 revealed that mango has anti-carcinogenic effects on our body.

The anti-cancer properties of mango come from a compound called Mangiferin. This compound is commonly found in fruits[2]. Mangiferin can even prevent the unwanted growth of colon and liver cancer too. Mango polyphenols can even reduce the chances of breast cancer too. And these are proven in studies.

A study from a Texas-based university in 2015 revealed that the antioxidants in the polyphenolic compounds present in mango can also reduce the oxidative stress (oxidative stress is one of the main reasons for chronic cancer). It can also be used as anti-inflammatory compounds too.

Prevent heart diseases

Mangoes are rich sources of beta- carotenes. An antioxidant that helps to reduce the chances of heart disease. Mangoes will also help you reduce body fat(3). And who doesn’t know how much dangerous excessive body fat is for heart diseases. Mangoes contain a great number of phytochemicals that have huge positive effects on body fat and glucose .

Provides magnesium to our body

Mangoes are reached the source of magnesium. This particular mineral helps our muscles to relax fully and help our heart in better recovery between the beats. It is also important for regulating blood sugar too.

Mangoes help to lower cholesterol levels in your body

Mango are also rich sources of pectin. Pectin helps to reduce the cholesterol level of your body. Lower cholesterol means a healthier heart and a healthier life(4). A study conducted by the University of Madras reveals that Mangiferin, the most common compound found in mango lower the cholesterol level in laboratory rats. Mango also helps us with increasing the high-density lipo-protein i.e. the good cholesterol level in our body too.

Mangoes might help reducing diabetes

You might freak out reading this point. How can Mango help a diabetic patient? But, after reading this, you might change your point of view[5]. Again, the fibre and the phytochemical called Mangiferin present in mango can help reducing diabetes.

A study on 20 diabetic adults has shown that consuming just half of the fresh mango for 3 months can make a drastic difference in blood glucose levels. It helps in to decrease the blood sugar level of our body. And Mango peel extract also has anti-diabetic properties. Even a Japanese study has shown that Mangiferin can leave beneficial effects on type 2 diabetic patients.

Mangoes can take your sexual life on the seventh heaven

Yeah. That’s true. Mangoes are rich sources of Vitamin E. This particular vitamin is well known for boosting your sex drive. Beta-Carotene and Vitamin E combo can improve the health of sperm. An Australian report has published that this can reduce the risk of huge sperm damage.

The US national institute of health has conducted a study a few years back. That reveals that Vitamin E can protect the sperm membrane from being damaged. Mangoes are rich in another mineral (zinc) important for both male and female fertility.

Improve Your Digestion

As we know mangoes are great sources of fibre, it’s quite natural that it will help to improve your digestive system. And it really does[6]. Mangoes aid constipation. It helps our colon to work positively. Certain digestive enzymes present in mangoes can also help with breaking protein particles into simpler forms. Mango fibre also helps to maintain the health of our digestive tract too.

Give Mango To A Pregnant Woman, Help The Newborn Be Healthy

Mangoes are enriched with Vitamin A, C and B6. These vitamins are very good for a pregnant woman. Vitamin A helps in to improve the visual problems in a newborn baby.

It Also Helps In Weight Loss

As we have said before, mangoes also help to boost your weight loss campaign(7). The peel extract that contains phyto-chemicals is pretty great to reduce the glucose level in blood as well as help you with losing weight. A study held by the University of Minnesota revealed that Mangoes are rich of certain fibres can have amusing effects on weight loss.

Mango Helps To Aid Asthma

However, it’s not proven but these Vitamin C enriched fruit can have amazing beneficial effects on curing asthma. Asthma nowadays has become a very common disease. But, having a bowl of mango on your kitchen slab or dining table helps you not worry about that at all.

Improve Eye Health For Good Vision

Ah ha! If improving eye health is your concern, then the king of fruits can help you. Mangoes are rich sources of Vitamin A and beta-carotene. And who doesn’t know how much Vitamin A is good for your eyes? Vitamin A deficiency can lead to blindness.

This vitamin is very important to have beneficial effects on your retina. Human eyes have two primary carotenoids. Zeaxanthin is one of them. Mangoes are rich sources of zeaxanthins. The presence of this carotenoid in mangoes helps us preventing macular degeneration too.

Mangoes Promote Brain Health

Mangoes helps to promote brain health too. They are enriched with Vitamin B6 and iron. Iron, as we know is very important for our brain. However, Vitamin B6 also helps to support the cognitive development of our brain too. Studies have proven that mango extracts help to enhance memories. It also has neuroprotectant properties too.

Regulate Blood Pressure

The Stanford hospital and clinic has conducted a study once. And the results revealed that the fruit is also a rich source of potassium too. Potassium helps in to keep the blood sugar level under control and also reduces hypertension.

Enhance Skin Health

A German study has shown that the beta carotenes and Vitamin A in mango can get your skin health enrichment and nourishment. A Korean study held back in 2013 revealed that mangoes help your skin to fight against the UVB induced skin health. Mangoes also help to reduce your acne too. According to a Chinese study, the polyphenols present in mango helps to prevent skin cancer too.

Helps To Achieve Improved Immunity

Being a rich source of zinc and Vitamin C, mangoes help to improve our immune system too. Vitamin C helps our body to fight with various infections. It also helps to fight against pathogens too.

Can Help To Treat Kidney Stones

Vitamin B6 in mangoes according to a study in America might help reducing urinary oxalates. The potassium in mangoes can lower the risk of kidney stones.

Boost Bone Health

The vitamin A and C in mangoes can induce bone health and helps the formation of collagen respectively. Collagen plays a huge role in making the bones and some collective tissues. Mangoes are also rich sources of lupeol. This helps in reducing the risks of arthritis.

Might Treat Anemia

The iron and Vitamin C in mangoes might be able to successfully prevent anemia. Mangoes might be proven beneficial for anyone suffering from anemia.

Helps to fight against heat stroke

You can use also the delicious mango juice as a restorative tonic that fights with heat stroke. Mangoes are energising, as well as help one to cool off. It helps keeping the body hydrated too.

Mangoes Can Help You To Achieve Beautiful Hair

The Vitamin C in mangoes that helps to form Collagen in our body that eventually leads to healthy hair. Vitamin A also has properties of scalp conditioning that makes your hair shiny.

Mango Leaves Might Help You Preventing Diarrhoea

benefits of mango leaves

Consumption of dried mango leaves might help you with preventing diarrhoea too. It contains tannins. Thus, in some parts of the Caribbean, they use the mango leaf decoration to cure diarrhoea.

Anti-ulcer Properties

The tannins, saponins and flavonoids in mango can cure ulcer activities in your body.

Mangoes Promotes Healthy Gut

Mangoes, according to the book called “healing foods” contain some prebiotic dietary fibres that help to keep your gut clean. Leaky gut can cause asthma and slow metabolism. Mangoes also help to prevent them.

The Other Essential Benefits Of Mangoes

  • Mango peels again can help you with curing hangovers too.
  • It help to keep our thyroid gland functions optimum.
  • Mangoes also take Proper care of your liver functions.

Woof! A long list of beneficial effects on our body. And that’s certainly not all. Wondering how one fruit can have that much of beneficiary effects on the human body? That is why we call it the king of ’em all. With all these effects on our body, we are always going to have mangoes in our kitchen. Summer is coming. Store as much as you can.

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