The benefits of Banana

Banana is not only delicious, but The benefits of Banana are also amazing as well. They are chocked load with nutrients, which are amazingly beneficial for our life. There are several ways by which we can consume it, like we can eat it as a snack, in the breakfast as well during the time of lunch. Also, it is considered to provide a boost to your energy instantly. In different parts of the world banana holds different significance. To be more precise, it is a very important and enjoyed fruit all over the world. Hence, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of banana, which you must look up to. There are several nutrients in Banana.

There are several nutrients in Banana

Banana is one of the most consumed and loved fruit in the world. Mostly, it is grown in the warm parts of the world. This is a native fruit of the south East Asia but right now, almost all the parts of the world grow them. And if you can look a bit closer, you will find out that there several shapes, colors and sizes of them are available in market. Cavendish is considered to be the most famous one in the world which has a great significance in the dessert making world [1] . When it is in unripe state it is green in color and when it gets ripe it turns into yellow. The nutrients, which are present in banana, are potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, magnesium, Copper, manganese, net carbs, Fiber, Protein as well as fat.

The benefits of Banana

It helps in regularizing the blood sugar levels

There is a fiber named pectin, which is present in banana that gives it the form of fleshiness as well as sponginess. In case of unripe-bananas, they comprise of resistant starch that acts as a soluble fiber and doesn’t goes through the process of digestion. Both are resistant starch and pectin are known to play a very significant part when it comes to lowering down the symptoms of blood sugar. To get the best affects you have to eat banana after your meals [2] . This will also help you to curb down your hunger by slowing the process of emptying of your stomach. Additionally, the Glycemic Index of banana is also very low which determines the rate of enhancement of the blood sugar level in your body.

It will improve the health of your digestion

It contains dietary fiber and when it comes to the improvement of digestive health, dietary fiber has a very important role to play. If you can look for a medium sized banana, it contains 3 grams of fiber. And the three grams of fiber in a single piece of banana is considered to be a high amount. That implies the fact that it is very rich source of fiber to look for. The two main types of fibers, which are present in this fruit, are pectin and resistant starch [3] . Pectin helps in the process of ripening of the bananas and on the other hand resistant starch always escapes the process of digestion and reaches up to our large intestines. There are several beneficial bacteria living in our large intestine and they feed on those resistant starch. Some experiments also signify that it is capable of fighting colon cancer, which is a very important reason to eat it.

Banana also plays a vital role in making you lose weight

There are several benefits of Banana and making you lose weight is one of them. They are low in calorie but if you it is very fulfilling as well. There is only 100 calories present in it which makes it a food with very low calories. It also helps to suppress hunger by lowering down the rate of process of emptying of stomach, which is directly related to losing weight. Most of the times, we develop the symptoms of over eating and for that reason we gain a very good amount of weight. But, if you can eat banana, you will full for a very long time and it will also reduce your food cravings [4] . Also, it is a very common fact that fibers play a very important role when it comes to losing weight. We have already discussed that banana is a good source of fiber also a rich source of nutrients. Also, the unripe-bananas are loaded with resistant starch, which are very filling and will help you in the reduction of appetite.

Your heart will also become healthy if you eat Banana

Banana contains potassium in it, which considered being a very effective nutrient when it comes to health of your heart. This is because potassium is very beneficial in in controlling the blood pressure, which is very important to keep our heart healthy. So, if you eat banana, you will get enough potassium in your body. A single piece contains 118 grams of potassium, which is almost 9 percent of our required daily need of potassium. If your diet is full of potassium it will lower down the symptoms of blood sugar from your body and will also lower down the risk of heart disease by 27%. Also, it contains a good amount of magnesium, which is also considered to be a very important nutrient for your heart.

Bananas are full of powerful antioxidants

Like any other fruits and vegetables, bananas are the good source of dietary anti-oxidants. Several potent antioxidants like dopamine and catechins are present in it. And when it comes to the benefits of anti-oxidants, there are lots of them. They have a very important role to play in improving the health of your heart and they will also benefit you by reducing the symptoms of degenerative illness as well as diseases [5] . But, there is a misperception amongst us that the dopamine, which is present in banana, has to play a role in alternating our mood but the fact is that the dopamine which is present in it is not able to cross the barrier between blood and brain. Rather, the dopamine in banana acts as an effective antioxidant.

Unripe bananas will enhance the insulin sensitivity

Right now, a huge amount are people are suffering from the effects of diabetes and the main reason behind is the insulin resistance. Several studies have showed the fact that consuming 15 to 30 grams of resistant starch per day improves the sensitivity of the insulin. And within the few span of weeks, your insulin sensitivity will be improve by 33 percent to 50 percent, which is a very effective rate [6]. Unripe bananas are full of resistant starch and if you can consume those in a regular basis, your insulin sensitivity will witness a major improvement.

Your kidney health will get a good boost if you consume banana regularly

We have already discussed that potassium is very beneficial for regularizing your blood pressure. Another thing, for which potassium are beneficial are your kidneys. Bananas are a very strong source of potassium and for that reason, if you can eat banana properly and regularly, it will help you to improve the health of your kidney. Numerous studies and experiments concluded that eating it can lower down the risk of developing kidney-oriented diseases.

Banana helps to combat anemia

Banana is also an abundant source of iron. And for that reason, it is considered to be a very effective food for fighting anemia. Anemia is a disease where the red blood cells or the hemoglobin starts to decrease in your body. And as a result of that several issues like fatigue; shortness in breath as well as paleness raises their heads [7] .  Thus, to keep your distance from the disease of anemia and all of those issues, eat-bananas as much as possible but not more than two or three a day. If you intake more than your body need then it may affect your digestion system and also your body.

Bananas will help you during the times of workouts

A lot of athletes and sportsmen tend towards eating bananas because it works as a very powerful fuel while working out. It contains all the things that will provide you with the energy during your workouts and exercises. It has fibers, antioxidants as well as healthier mixture of sugars, which will help you to get energy during the times of workout. Also, if you can eat before your doing exercises, it will cut down the possibilities of muscle related soreness and cramps. The main reason behind developing cramp is the mixture of dehydration and the imbalance in the electrolytes. Hence, bananas boost up the level of nutrition in your body before going out for workout sessions. You can take it before half an hour or before your exercise starts it all depend on you how and what time is good for you.

Banana are easily available ?

It is very easy to add up banana in your diet because you can consume it in several ways. You can prepare countless dessert with banana and you can also consume it in the form of smoothies, adding up to your yogurt and also by baking and cooking. The best part of banana is that it has no pesticides as well as pollutants. Here are the benefits of banana to look for. So, consume banana and make yourself healthy and fit.

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